26 Walang Wakas
Mariane A.R.T. Abuan talks about the experience of co-writing the musical Sa Wakas
25 Aegis Can’t Get Enough
Connecting all walks of life through music
Grit and Bevel's JR Queyquep for Murphy Report
22 True Grit
JR Queyquep takes us into his workshop and showcases his reverence for ancient woodworking.
21 The People Versus Kermit Tesoro
Kermit unveils Polypodis, and in the process questions our perception of art and self
20 The Pack Leader
Jerry Lakandula, Training Dogs Unconditionally
19 The HeART of Pottery
Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn, A Journey of Love Through Pottery
18 The Other Side of Boracay
Familiar Place, Unfamiliar Experiences
17 The Filipino Fashion Designer
Rajo Laurel talks of his desire to uplift the Philippine fashion industry
16 From Our Writing Desk
Our hands have given us the unique advantage over every other earthling; the opposable thumbs that we possess has made the invention of the wheel possible, has made the exploration of the atom and outer space a reality, and perhaps a big feat for us all, the ability to manipulate a device that has lead you to this editorial. In this issue, we turn our focus to hands: ones that create, shape, invent, and heal. We all know Rajo Laurel, a household name in the realm of fashion. What we may not know is the story behind the first item of clothing he created, and how he continues on this journey to help people love their unique shapes through fashion. John and Tessy Pettyjohn are renowned potters whose aesthetics may change, but whose sensibilities stay the same. Their works have traveled the globe, and they with it, but they always bring their craft home, even putting up a small apprenticeship in their workshop. Another well-known name is Kermit Tesoro, who
15 Suitable for All Aegis
Welcome to Barangay Venezia! You're definitely in for a good time here.
14 Alone In An Ancient City
A Murphy Reporter recounts her first solo trip to Siem Reap
13 Silverlens Gallery
Silverlens Gallery is known to be one of the leading contemporary art galleries in the country. Murphy Report got a chance to talk to Isa Lorenzo, an art gallerist and one of its founders.
12 Nuel Rivera
Nuel Rivera is a 19-year-old aspiring director, composer, playwright and theater producer. A graduating senior at De La Salle College of St. Benilde, this young blood has already won awards for his work. He shares with us his fresh insights and promising outlook on the theater scene.
11 June Dalisay
Art Conservator June Dalisay talks about how it is to restore life to revered works of art.
10 Mark Andy Garcia
We follow a painter with such palpable passion for his craft. Join us as Mark Andy Garcia leaves us speechless at his admirable, brazen honesty about the art industry.
9 Beyond the Grand Pli?é
Ballet Philippines, a company that professionalizes the craft of dancing without compromising quality, artistry and talent.
8 Ma. Rowena Arao-Ynion
Shares her passion and dedication in giving its own voice to a profession that gives people their voices.