15 Suitable for All Aegis
Welcome to Barangay Venezia! You're definitely in for a good time here.
14 Alone In An Ancient City
A Murphy Reporter recounts her first solo trip to Siem Reap
13 Silverlens Gallery
Silverlens Gallery is known to be one of the leading contemporary art galleries in the country. Murphy Report got a chance to talk to Isa Lorenzo, an art gallerist and one of its founders.
12 Nuel Rivera
Nuel Rivera is a 19-year-old aspiring director, composer, playwright and theater producer. A graduating senior at De La Salle College of St. Benilde, this young blood has already won awards for his work. He shares with us his fresh insights and promising outlook on the theater scene.
11 June Dalisay
Art Conservator June Dalisay talks about how it is to restore life to revered works of art.
10 Mark Andy Garcia
We follow a painter with such palpable passion for his craft. Join us as Mark Andy Garcia leaves us speechless at his admirable, brazen honesty about the art industry.
9 Beyond the Grand Pli󠄚é
Ballet Philippines, a company that professionalizes the craft of dancing without compromising quality, artistry and talent.
8 Ma. Rowena Arao-Ynion
Shares her passion and dedication in giving its own voice to a profession that gives people their voices.
7 Jupiter Street, Makati
Jupiter street boasts of its diversity in food, drinks, music and recreation, a welcome refuge from the fast-paced lifestyle of Metro Manila’s economic hub.
6 Once A Battlefield
Formerly a site of fear and courage, now a tourist destination teaching history and promoting recreation, Corregidor has become expeditiously a sight to see.
5 Kenneth Bandivas
Kenneth Bandivas talks about his passion for his profession and what it takes to be a world class bartender.
4 Aya Takinan
Aya Takinan, a young traveler, shares how seeing the world has shaped her views on life.
3 Nicole Hyala
Join us as we take a glimpse of what it’s like to be one of the most famous disc jockeys in the Philippine scene.
2 Henry Motte-Muñoz
Among Forbes’ “30 UNDER 30 ASIA” and Founder of Edukasyon.ph, Motte-Muñoz makes education accessible with the click of a mouse.
1 Pinoy Penman
Jose Y. Dalisay Jr., the Filipino penman gives us an exclusive sneak peek into his fountain pen collection and shares about his love of writing.