Whether you travel up north for the climate, the festivals, the pine trees, the local eats tucked away in small corners, the art scene, the fruits and vegetables, or because a soap opera has made parts of it famous, Baguio and Benguet’s capital La Trinidad have something in store for you. A shifting balance between the new and the old, the same cities that encourage hikes up their untouched valleys and mountains, will also showcase houses painted into a mural; or preserve  structures from the early 1900s, but tear down and sprout up buildings in the blink of an eye; where people still carry on with traditional dress and dances, but also come equipped with smart phones and the latest gadgets.  Baguio will always change at your every return, but it still serves up your reliable favorites like Burnham Lake and Mines View, strawberry and ube jam, the Cathedral and Session Road, retaining its nostalgia and familiarity as you explore and take in the new.marker


Interview- Jenette Vizcocho and Dane Raymundo

Video- M Espeña & Cris Legaspi

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