at the center of the busy city of Makati lies a quiet, but quaint street aptly named Jupiter. Jupiter street, similar to its cosmic namesake, has a huge expanse and a mysterious atmosphere. It surprises its guests with a variety of activities from enjoying a smorgasbord of delectable global cuisines
to celebrating special occasions with live music to playing detective in unlocking mysteries to catching up with friends over cocktails. It speaks the irony of finding a laidback ambiance in a metropolitan area that one must try.

To simply put it, Jupiter street boasts of its diversity in food, drinks, music and recreation, a welcome refuge from the fast-paced lifestyle of Metro Manila’s economic hub. marker


Interview – Jenette Vizcocho and Dane Raymundo

Videography – Cris Legaspi, Lisandro Molina, and M Espeña

Editing – M Espeña

Text – Dane Raymundo

Get out into the real world.



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