Almost everyone knows that Boracay is the quintessential place to be during the summer. In fact, there is little to no surprise when people answer “the beach”, “the sand” and “the nightlife” when asked what’s the first thing they think of about this beautiful island. After all, these things make the place extra famous. Extra famous, but never limited to just that. Boracay is an island in Aklan that boasts of a gazillion of other activities to do and places to visit, just waiting to be thoroughly explored.

On your next visit, why don’t you go on a trip to Crown Regency Resort and discover their 30-meter Oceanarium? Or for the adrenalin junkies, you can try skipping the White beach for a less mainstreamed, Bulabog beach to test your kite-surfing skills at Greenyard Kite School and complement the physical activity with a healthy diet at their vegetarian restaurant, Bougainvillea Resto? Or why not try unlimited jam sessions with a live band while savoring the best mojito at Red Pirates bar? If you truly want to experience the beauty of the island, a hike to Mt. Luho will take you to a breathtaking view of the island. And when you finally feel the fatigue kick in, there’s no better way to relax but at Mandala Spa.

There’s nothing more exciting than exploring and transforming a familiar place into something new by dusting it with less familiar, or better yet, unfamiliar experiences. marker

Get out into the real world.



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