Jackie Vizcocho opened Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop in 2004 with just a one-page menu. Her first customers were mostly family and friends who supported her venture. She remembers how, on the early years of the business, her father always occupied a table, having coffee or inviting his friends to have meals with him, hoping for the restaurant to gain more popularity. Fast forward to 2017, Vizco’s now has a smorgasbord of dishes and pastries that will no longer fit one page. It has become a one-stop restaurant for all your daily cravings! From rice meals, pasta, salads, pizza to desserts, they have it! The restaurant’s popularity has soared to new heights, becoming a household name in Benguet.

Having been born and raised in Baguio, Jackie strongly advocated to include the local produce in their menu. True enough, in whatever you order, you are guaranteed to have the freshest vegetables and fruits in them.

Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop is a dream gastronomic destination. No one goes to Baguio without knowing Vizco’s or having a taste of their signature, luscious (to die for) Strawberry Shortcake. We can only hope that they bring it to Manila (and other parts of the country) soon!marker


Interview- Jenette Vizcocho and Dane Raymundo

Video- M Espeña & Cris Legaspi

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