Career Conversations

Murphy Report and Edukasyon.ph interview Erwan Heussaff to find out the story behind his successful career. He shares with us how education and a combination of passion and knowing the realities of putting up a business can contribute to one’s success in the food industry.

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Interview – Jenette Vizcocho and Dane Raymundo

Videography – Lisandro Molina and Cris Legaspi

Editing – M Espeña

Producer – Neil Divinagracia

Get out into the real world.


Career Conversations
JJ Yulo
Murphy Report features JJ Yulo, author of Just Jonesing and founder of Pinoy Eats World. A graduate of Journalism and Culinary Arts, JJ elevates the experience of eating through his writing, events, and tours.
Wider and Wider Circles
Dona Esteban holds a weekend for women and their well-being
Sarge Lacuesta for Murphy Report
Career Conversations
Sarge Lacuesta
Sarge Lacuesta studied BS Biology but in his desire to keep learning, pursued a whole other career in writing. In our latest Murphy Report X Edukasyon.ph's Career Conversations, he challenges writers, not just those who are bound for college, to make writing and the need for reading and learning relevant again.

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