Passion is defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. Whether to you this is work, an advocacy, an uncontrollable urge to travel, eat, and drink; or to collect beautifully crafted pens, passion unifies us all. In our maiden issue, we scour Jupiter Street for some of its best food, why not try it out, it’s vegetarian; we take you through the antique elevator shaft into the past and one of the best speakeasies in Asia; urge you to challenge yourselves in solving mysteries; or listen to some of the best bands in the scene. If history is more your thing, perhaps a trip to Corregidor will spark interest in the Pacific war and the island’s huge significance in it. Learn a different side to radio DJ Nicole Hyala from the one she delivers daily on the airwaves, how she invests more depth and thought into everything you hear her say, how family is her driving force. If you envy our young traveler Aya Takinan for all her trips, perhaps it is time to dust off your old boots, take them by the straps, and jump onto the next departing boat, train, plane, bus. Get to know Henry Motte-Muñoz and his hopes for unifying and simplifying Filipino access to education. Read up on World Class Global Winner Kenneth Bandivas to know how he elevates simple Filipino ingredients into award-worthy cocktails. Meet Weng Arao-Ynion, among the rare breed of Speech Language Pathologists in the country, and watch her eyes light up as she talks about her desire to uplift not only her personal practice, but the profession as well. Listen to Jose Dalisay talk about his fountain pens, which one is his holy grail, why collect them at all, and marvel at the fact that perhaps even though you cannot fathom collecting expensive pens, how in his earnest at speaking about them, you recall how eagerly you tended to your own clumsy collection of stamps, perhaps some scented stationeries, maybe shot glasses, or magnets from every destination.

Whatever it is that stokes the fire in your heart, we say run headfirst toward it, otherwise what else should we live for? marker


Get out into the real world.



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Murphy Report is an independent online magazine that aims to inspire you to look up from the glare of your screens and get out into the real world.