Our hands have given us the unique advantage over every other earthling; the opposable thumbs that we possess has made the invention of the wheel possible, has made the exploration of the atom and outer space a reality, and perhaps a big feat for us all, the ability to manipulate a device that has lead you to this editorial. In this issue, we turn our focus to hands: ones that create, shape, invent, and heal. We all know Rajo Laurel, a household name in the realm of fashion. What we may not know is the story behind the first item of clothing he created, and how he continues on this journey to help people love their unique shapes through fashion. John and Tessy Pettyjohn are renowned potters whose aesthetics may change, but whose sensibilities stay the same. Their works have traveled the globe, and they with it, but they always bring their craft home, even putting up a small apprenticeship in their workshop. Another well-known name is Kermit Tesoro, who has maintained the air of mystery around him despite the museums and A-list celebrities that have fought over the works of art we would otherwise call footwear. Each handcrafted pair is re-birthed and repurposed from unlikely materials, from old tires to pulverized teeth. Get to know JR Queyquep of Grit&Bevel, a self-taught craftsman who practices the art of joinery. He follows the shape of each piece of wood he utilizes, never exercising his will over its inherent beauty. Meet Jerry Lakandula, better known as the Pack Leader. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, a debilitating condition that slowly lessens his functions starting with his hands, he and his family decided to devote their lives in rescuing, rehabilitating, and training dogs and their owners, his own pack growing and growing into an unlikely mix of canines big and small.

We visited Boracay island but veered away from the party lifestyle. Instead, let us take you to Red Pirate’s Pub, famous to the locals, where they make a mean mojito. Put those hands to use and go kite surfing with the gang at Greenyard, after which have some of the best food in the island at the school’s Bougainvillea Lounge. If relaxing is in your agenda, Mandala Spa’s massages will take care of you. This garden sanctuary will trick you into believing that you are the last person on earth, the thousands of tourists in Boracay fading away as you receive treatments fit for royalty in their private rooms. Visit Crowne Regency hotel where you can try surfing and skim boarding, or swim among and look at- but don’t touch!- the marine life in their in-house aquarium.

In a time where hands have been used to intimidate, violate, and destroy, these individuals’ decision in using their hands for what they excel at: creating, celebrating, and maintaining our humanity, have given the world a lot of good.marker


Get out into the real world.



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